Read what others have to say about Dr. Kelly.


Rob (client)

"Dr. Kelly is a kind human being, who is helping me heal from my life challenges. She listens and communicates with a kind of empathetic-humorous 'brightness' that lowers stress, makes me laugh, and helps me connect my head to my heart. Dr. Kelly also has many practical tools and valuable nuggets of information I use in my daily life to be positive and better myself. Lots of good homework! I would be in a much darker place without her guidance."

depressed man

Laura (client)

"Dr. Kelly really helped me to analyze the best way to care for my body through making changes to my eating habits!"


M.G. (client)

"Dr. Kelly really opened my eyes to the negative beliefs and thought patterns that were keeping me stuck and depressed. I was expecting myself to be super-human, and that's not possible or realistic! I feel more freedom, and I'm happier now."


Maria (business associate)

"Dr. Kelly is amazing. She listens so intently, thinks about your problem and then comes up with a shining insight or option to try. She is not judgmental at all, no matter WHAT you are telling her. She takes it all in and helped me see my way through the muck of my own thoughts."


Dr. John (psychologist colleague)

"Dr. Kelly is a remarkable psychologist and a fantastic person!"

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H.W. (pain client)

"I wanted and needed to talk to someone about my problems. I wanted someone who would understand pain and how it can control your life.  Then I found you, wow ...I am so impressed with your knowledge and understanding of life in general. Our talk put me in a different mood. It put me in a mood of being happy, relaxed and fulfilled."