Episode 20: Diet Dilemma: Keto, Paleo, Primal, HGH…which is right for you?

With so many popular diets out there, how do you know which to choose and what is the most important component across all ways of eating? Cynthia and Kelly define the differences and similarities among these diets and the importance of self-care and processing emotions to your success on a diet.

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Episode 15: Embracing the Pivots and Staying Healthy as a Female Entrepreneur

In this episode, Sam empowers us to embrace the pivots in life. Sam Vander Wielen describes her own journey starting as a corporate attorney pivoting to health and wellness and then pivoting again to her current business helping women to Legally Legit in their online businesses. We dive into healthy use of social media, shifting our mindset to optimize our health and our business, and the importance of JOMO.


Episode 10: Diet Detox- Change your Behaviors for REAL, Sustained Weight Loss with Dr. Robyn Pashby

Ep 10 Diet Detox with Dr. Robyn Pashby Image.JPG

Learn why diets don't work, the barriers to successful behavioral changes and how to make changes effectively that positively impact your weight loss efforts. Check out Dr. Pashby's work at www.dchealthpsychology.com. 

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