What Happens When Your Values Don’t Align with Your Behaviors? Nothing. And That’s Not a Good Thing.

I have been talking to my clients and in the community talks that I’ve been giving about the importance of values. When our behaviors don’t match and support our top values we feel, well...icky and blah (very technical terms). It’s as if you are driving a car with deflated tires or you are cross-county skiing outside the packed path. It makes the task (and life) feel difficult and not fun. I’m not unfamiliar with this icky and blah feeling. It often happens this time of year-post-holiday and smack dab in the middle of a cold, cold, (did I say cold???) icy winter. During the cold months, I don’t get out to exercise or spend as much time in nature as I do in the warmer months. Those things align with my top values. I also don’t have as much social connection as naturally occurs in the warmer months.

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