Lessons Learned from the Original Badass

I had the pleasure of attending a talk and book-signing by Jen Sincero. She's the author of two books:

You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life (Click image above to purchase)

You are a Badass at Making Money (Click image above to purchase)

I highly recommend reading these books to help you become the best, most connected, happiest version of yourself. AND, if you can get your hands on the audio versions (my library had them through Hoopla), do it and listen over and over and over....in the car, on a walk, while you make dinner, etc. Not only is it convenient to listen throughout your day, but Ms. Sincero is HILARIOUS, and due to the funny voices that she used and ad-libbing here and there, I remembered key phrases in a way that I wouldn't from reading alone. Also, I learned at this book talk (is that what they are called??) and signing, she speaks just as she writes. She is the real deal. 

You can read the books to get all of the golden nuggets of wisdom packaged in an approachable box with a laugh-out-loud funny bow on top. I'm giving you the life lesson jewels that she dropped during the talk. 

1.  Your thoughts, beliefs, and words create your reality.

2. Your thoughts, beliefs, and words create your reality (yes, I know I wrote that twice. It is THAT important).

3. Awareness (of thoughts, beliefs, habits, self-talk, etc.) is the first step.

4. Go to the spiritual gym. This means do things that help you get and stay in touch with a higher power and/or the universe and/or source energy, etc. This might include meditation, being in nature, spending time with high-vibe people, reading books on personal growth, attending seminars, etc.

5. By trying to avoid pain, we create more of it. Example: putting up walls in relationships because you are fearful of being alone...by trying to avoid being alone, you are...you guessed it alone because you've pushed others away with your walls.

6. Pay attention to the things that light you up. Do more of that.

7. You know you are on the right track when something scares you because you are being pushed out of your familiarity zone.

8. Take action in a direction that feels like it might be right. Act NOW...you can always course-correct later.

9. Surround yourself with a high-vibe tribe. That might mean getting some new friends or paying to join a group or pursuing a new hobby.

10. You are not responsible for the reactions of others when you start truly moving toward your dreams/authentic self. The reaction of others is about THEM and their own fears, not YOU. Even if the reaction is presented in a "I'm just trying to look out for you" manner, it is about them being too scared to try something or resentful that they never went for it themselves.

11. Money is currency, and currency is energy.

Re-read those nuggets. Go ahead. I'll wait :)

Now start DOING them...don't just tell yourself you'll get to them tomorrow or the next day. Put one of them into action now. Action could be as simple as reading these daily and becoming aware of how you talk to yourself and with whom you spend your time.

Please share this with someone who you want to be part of your new high-vibe tribe!