Christmas is BIG, but it's all about the little

Christmas is all about the BIG: big lights, big gifts, big sales, big traffic, big parties, big food, big bonuses (okay, not me but hopefully you!), big trees, and big jolly men in red suits. BUT, what really matters this season is not the big's the little things. The little in-the-moment, everyday things are the foundation of relationships and love and joy. When you focus on the little things, Christmas lives inside you all year long.

Here's my list of little things that have made my Christmas very merry and bright:

Wes in window.JPG
Christmas boats.JPG
first snow.JPG
  • Seeing the first snowfall of the season.
  • Baking a ridiculous number of cookies with my son.
  • A visit from a dear friend when I wasn't feeling well.
  • Picking out our Christmas tree in the falling snow.
  • Going on a date with my husband.
  • Seeing my son's smiling face smeared with almond butter eating toast at our favorite coffee shop.
  • Touring historic houses decked out in their holiday best with a new friend.
  • Seeing Santa ride through the town on an old firetruck.
  • Strolling around town enjoying the quirks of Christmas in Frederick.
  • Watching my son and his best friend tell Santa their Christmas wishes (did I mention that those wishes keep changing??).
  • Sitting in silence watching the lights on the Christmas tree remembering my dad.
  • Watching my son wait with eager delight to give his favorite sitter her Christmas gift.

Take time to be mindful and grateful and enjoy the little moments during this big, wonderful season. 

Merry Christmas! 

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