I practice holistic therapy which means I use a variety of evidence-based modalities to heal the mind, body, and spirit. I integrate a variety of techniques to help clients identify negative patterns of thoughts and beliefs which impact mood, physical health, and behaviors. My goal is to create a supportive space to help clients like you discover their own power to heal and grow. Traditional therapy sometimes stops there, but that’s how I’m different. I teach and coach you how to APPLY what you learn to create real change in your life.

Creating change in your life begins with changing your thoughts so that you make different choices...telling your friend how you really feel, buying vegetables, taking a class in that subject you love, going for a walk on your break, etc. The techniques I teach you interrupt your unhelpful patterns and replace them with better choices that become positive habits. Therapy with me isn’t scary or stuffy or shameful. In fact, if you are reading these words, you've already taken one of the hardest steps to making change...self-awareness. Change can't happen without it! Good for you! Now keep rolling...

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I've had to learn how to make changes in my life. I’ve lived with chronic pain (read more about that HERE). I educated myself to heal myself. I sought a unique blend of education and experience in clinical health psychology, coaching, and nutrition. After changing my own thoughts and creating change in my life, I know that I can help you using evidence-based mainstream treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and accelerated resolution therapy (ART) and mind-body/coaching skills. I love working myself out of a job by giving clients the tools they need to move forward. Once we use those tools to change negative beliefs and subsequent thoughts, then emotions and behaviors improve, and real happiness is uncovered.

My specialties include:

How to be happier
  • anxiety

  • chronic medical conditions

  • depression

  • life transitions (divorce, grief)

  • relationship issues

  • low self-esteem/low self-worth

  • mindfulness

  • mood issues related to poor nutrition

  • overwhelm

  • pain management

  • pain assessment for spinal cord stimulator

  • personal growth

  • stress management

  • weight loss

  • wellness/health optimization

  • work/personal life balance

I provide one-on-one in-person therapy in my office or via HIPAA-compliant distance sessions via video conference/Skype or phone. In addition, I facilitate seminars and community presentations.

If choosing a therapist or coach feels overwhelming, check out my blog post to discover Six Strategies for Finding an Amazing Therapist Who is Right for You. If you are looking for help in Washington, DC with weight management and health behavior change, I highly recommend Dr. Robyn Pashby at

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