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I'm so glad that you are here!

I created Everyday Therapist to teach stressed and busy women and men simple tools to improve their life...every day. I am a modern clinical health psychologist (in practice for over 12 years) and nutritional therapy consultant in Frederick and Bethesda, MD. I am passionate about teaching and empowering my clients to become healthier in mind, body, and spirit. 

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You have made healthy changes but they just don't stick.

  • You feel as if you should have your life together by now.

  • You know you “should” take better care of yourself but don’t have time or believe you are worthy of it.

  • You are sick of feeling stressed, anxious, and/or depressed.

  • You are tired of dealing with chronic pain.

  • You aren't sure how you got to this point in your life, and your aren't excited about the direction it's heading.

  • You want to make some changes but feel overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin.

You aren't alone. I understand that. I've been there. I can help.

I believe that self-care is the key to optimizing mental and physical health. I provide clients with a variety of mind-body and holistic tools to increase their self-care and promote health behavior change. As a side effect of taking care of themselves, depression, anxiety, and stress dissipate. The techniques work by harnessing the power of the mind-body connection. 

 Healthy Eating
  • You don't have to be sick to get healthier.

  • You don't have to be "crazy" to feel more balanced.

  • You don't have to lie on a couch or sit in a chair detailing your earliest memories for session after session to understand your patterns of thought and behavior.

  • You can improve your life with simple changes to the ways you think, the core beliefs you have, and the choices that you make, and you can start now!

Making changes in your life can be uncomfortable, but that's how you grow. With the right tools and support, you can make positive changes every day. You can begin now with a free consultation.



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